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Wage and Hour Claims

Have you been denied the wage or overtime compensation you rightfully deserve?

In the past decade, the job market has been impacted strongly by a fluctuating economic condition. This is relevant as the impact prompted layoffs, cost reduction, reclassification of employees, restructuring wage and hour policies, and the necessity of overtime payments. Most of these practices are completely legal and valid. However, unfortunately, there are employers who violate the terms and conditions included in the Fair Labor Standards Acts or FLSA.

Wage and Hour Attorneys | Upland Employment AttorneysAll employers are liable to pay the rightful, fair, and timely compensation to all the employees they hire. Workers go into work every day, regardless of their classification, to perform the duties and meet the goals they were legally hired to complete. Unfortunately, some employers don’t follow through their end of the bargain and don’t provide the compensation they were legally bound for the services they received from the employees.

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FLSA and other federal and state laws protect this right of employees across the country. If the employees don’t receive their wages duly in full that they are entitled to receive, they can take legal actions and file a claim with the help of a wage and hour attorney. Upland Wage and Hour Lawyers Attorneys have extensive experience in assisting people file and follow through work and hour claims.

How do I know there is a wage and hour violation occurring?

Wage and hour disputes range on a spectrum that is defined by various state and federal legislatures in different acts protecting workplace rights. If you witness or experience any of the following, you might have a wage and hour dispute at hand.

  • Misclassification of employees as ‘exempt’ and not paying overtime
  • Misclassification of employees as “independent contractors” and not paying them the agreed compensation
  • Non-payment of overtime to nonexempt employees
  • Not paying the wages to nonexempt and exempt employees
  • Unpaid off-the-clock work
  • Not reimbursing employee expenses legally required to reimburse
  • Violating any other clauses mentioned in the FLSA

Any employer violating the FLSA and the employees’ rights to rightful and timely pay is liable to compensate the employees. The California Labor Code combining with the FLSA makes it a compulsory requirement for employees to pay overtime to many employees.

If you would like to discuss your current situation with the knowledgeable attorneys at Upland Employment Attorneys, Eldessouky LAW, do not hesitate to contact our law firm today.

Upland Employment Wage and Hour Attorneys Assisting Employees with Wage and Hour Claims

There is no doubt that you deserve full compensation for every hour you dedicate towards providing a service for an employer. If the employer does not fulfill their legal obligation to compensate you accordingly, you can file a wage and hour claim against them.

Upland Wage and Hour Attorneys Attorneys have talented and experienced wage and hour attorneys available that can assist you to claim the compensation you are entitled to receive. We understand all the different aspects of such cases and can assist you by evaluating and then determining the right legal options available to you.

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